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2018 Reader Question 104

2018 Reader Question 104 published on 15 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 104

Jim was once extremely Uncool.

I’ll be at Rose City Comicon this weekend! If you’re in Portland you should come by and say hello!! Table S-08 in the Artist Alley!

This is the last week to pledge to the Skin Deep: Illumination Kickstarter! It’s almost funded! If you were thinking about picking up a copy of Illumination, now is the time to do so!

Click here to check it out!


Not sure where we can submit questions, but to any one in the Liverpool Avalon; I recently moved to Manchester from Canada, and was surprised at how there’s tensions between the North and the South in England (heck! Even Manchester and Liverpudlians can have beef between each other!) Do Northern and Southern Avalons have some of that animosity too?

Yo Tim, Abigail are you two married, boyfriend girlfriend, or just plain friends that live to gather? And if you are married where are your kids? And if you don’t have kids would you guys like to have some?

IIRC, it was mentioned that they’re married. I think it was a line in which someone asked Abby where “her husband” was.

…I think. I haven’t checked the archives.

Do pygmy griffons all have one medallion for them, or no medallion, or one medallion for each hybrid? Are they considered monsters to the rest of the mythical community, or do they share the same intelligence as a common and uncommon griffon?

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