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When someone first receives their medallion and completes their turning, how awkward is it for them when attending human school for the first time? Especially if they grew up knowing they weren’t human to begin with, like Collin and the other Finns. It’s gotta be weird :)

So the story takes place in the year 2000. What would the main characters look like with their todays age?

The only character we can be reasonably certain of how it will look, in story, 13 years on, is Ravi.
Since for it, even the mere appearance of aging is completely optional, it’s the only character that could possibly not show any aging at all.

… you’re talking about the guy, if even *that* term is applicable, who presented himself as a *bird* at the only other point we’ve seen him in the story’s timeline? ;-)

Since the question was about the *main* characters, hence looking at , there’s no shortage of characters who can be expected to just shrug off thirteen years, I’ld say. From the not-quite-dead (Michael Jocasta, Martha, maybe the Nightmare and the MoMo) to sufficiently slow-aging ones (Gabe and the totems, if not the entire Dis crew and more).

Also, I admit that I wouldn’t dare assume that any changes seen on, say, Bhadraksh or Stanley are in fact due to *aging* … :-?

Question: What is the religious situation of most avalons? Other question: Where does Stanley come from?

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