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So, was Alex born in London Avalon where his father Orville is from? Did he move to the Liverpool Avalon when he was old enough to leave home?

What’s it like when a pregnant BugBear is living in the avalon? How about that awesome time when a teenage Alex was too young to be on his own but was old enough to be a rebellious teenager? :-)

Awww, cormorants! I love those– we have tons of them hanging around any water sources out here in Tucson and Phoenix, weirdly enough. I’ve seen them a ton of times standing on the banks with their wings spread, waiting for the sun to dry them; they’re not waterproof like ducks are.

Oh, I know. What about the Thylacine, are any being kept alive in the Tasmanian Avalon? There have been some “sightings” as recent as 2017. So did the hidden creature community keep them alive? (Edit: That’s the best name I could think of for the beings living in Avalons.)

My mind wandered in the shower this morning and it went like this: What would happen if Greg got plastic surgery to fix his ears? Would the medallion’s power allow for that? Or would the broken/magic force that part of him into a Satyr-shape no matter what? Hm, Pa Finn’s wings and tail retained scars…. Say it were possible for a Satyr (or something humanoid enough) to get full body modifications to look human and stay that way without a medallion. But what if he put the medallion back on? Would it be like a computer resetting? Would the medallion just *turn* him all over again?

I’ll say this: I’d want that person/persons to attend several counseling sessions before undergoing extreme cosmetic surgery like you’re discussing here, especially if a medallion was available. It basically sounds like doing things the HARD way when a relatively easy solution is known, and the social and medical consequences could be pretty severe.

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