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2020 Reader Question 7

2020 Reader Question 7 published on 16 Comments on 2020 Reader Question 7

I love these Reader Questions because sometimes I just like to go wild and make up a full-on character. I like this girl. She’s a kickboxer. Those things on her legs are rooster shoes, they protect others from getting gouged by spurs!


I had no idea there ever was any such thing as a hippalectreyon. But there’s even a wiki page on that beastie—one which was established back in 2009! Kinda nifty…

I think if I had noticed them in the past, I assumed they were just another winged horse, this one with a particularly spectacular tail, and didn’t look further. The legs of a rooster are a fascinating addition though, one I shall have to consider for a bit.

Does medallion magic cover non-clothes items like headphones/earbuds when an individual changes form? or do they need a customized set for each form? Wearable audio tech wouldn’t work on any full form that has its ears in a different place than a human.

Don’t know if this has been asked: Are instincts a thing among the magical community? What sorts of problems do they cause?

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