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I like Alec’s shirt. It’s obviously done by the same printer that Mister Peanutbutter always uses. It IS tough to replicate Lisa Hanawalt’s style. It’s hard to identify exactly what makes her style distinctive.

Really? I see it as simple and at the same time amazing. It’s not hard to replicate if you know what to look for.

It’s mostly in the head and the eyes. They are small compared to characters from other cartoons—though they are actually fairly proportionate by human standards for most of the characters (except ones with long faces like Bojack and some bird people) and the eyebrows are very clear and lay straight above. This makes everyone—including a lot of the animal people in the main cast—look very human—not quite in an uncanny valley kind of way—but still enough to make you empathize with the main cast and let your imagination go about them being animal people.

She also uses distinct (but very slightly ragged) black outlines that are reminiscent of you’d see in felt or ball-point pen doodles from kids/teens. The heads on her characters are proportionately large, too—even on the humans. The feet and hands are—in contrast—kind of tiny and simple looking. It really gives the feeling a kid or angsty teen drew it.

And while she uses texture in some of her colors (especially on characters with fur) she rarely uses shading so the coloration is flat looking, but still interesting. I’m not sure if she chooses her colors or has a colorist, but I love how the colors blend and pop.

It’s a really well-thought out and complicated animation that doesn’t appear so on the surface.

What’s your absolute favorite mythical creature? Top five? (It’s not hard to guess mine)

How did Ike and Rhonda actually get together? She seems much more outgoing than he would usually be willing to put up with, and their interests don’t seem to overlap all that much….

How do medallions decide the ethnicity of one’s human form? Is it just based on average appearance of humans in the region?

I could be mistaken, but I get the impression that apparent ethnicity is based on where the mytholo species hails from. In cases where some generations were unturned, or simply chose to marry humans, human admixture probably affects apparent ethnicity.

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