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Ike and Rhonda make such a lovely couple

Any kids they potentially might have will be SO CUTE, and so dangerous! And possibly very, very confused!

It just occurred to me… they could have a kid with TWO manticore tails. I mean, the medallion might prevent that, but still… it’s an interesting possibility…

Completely impossible for the children to have 2 manticore tails.
The ‘normal’ Medallion Magic rules would apply, so the human born children, once Turned, would either be Bohemian Lions like Rhonda, or Buggane/Manticore hybrids like Ike.
RQ number 2, December 2010
The only time the normal rules get thrown out the window and you find unexpected outcomes, is when one of the couple is a Monster species turned human via the permanent spell.

I still really want to see a chimera! But I think I’m the only one who’s asked repeatedly. Oh well.

Kory drew a chimera in a previous Reader Question, Risse

Question, the “undead” are a staple in a lot of mythologies. Revenants, Draugr, Tokoloshi, vampires BEFORE media ruined them, and a host of spirits. We know about pet coming back as spirits but are there Banshees, Dullahans and other undead roaming around?

Question; What birds species are Harpy’s and are there more they one kind?
Also, Since Anthony’s a guy Harpy will he be more colourful when is feathers mature?

Aboyt Harpy kinds, Kory already answered that:

I think he was asking about whether or not there are harpies with bird parts from bird species: Eagle Harpies, Bluebird Harpies, Cardinal Harpies, etc. I think there might be, since Kory answered my question about how the harpies in this story would react to meeting Papi from Monster Musume was that they’d notice that she had no tail, not that she had blue feathers, so draw your own conclusions, I guess?

Also, a question of my own about Harpies, because why not! Their pubes: like a human’s, or feathery? ;) (The human-torso varieties only, of course; the one that’s a bird with a human head obviously has feathers around its bits.)

Do Sphinxes give live birth or lay eggs?
Does Michelle even want to know?
Does she even wonder about the anatomy of a Sphinx?

There is a suggestion that Avalon in Arthurian Legend was in or near the town of Glastonbury, Somerset. Growing up I often heard, also, that Glastonbury is one of the better places in the country to find fairies. My question is, is there an avalon in Glastonbury (an Avalon Avalon, if you will) and what connection, if any, does the Arthurian Avalon have with the Skin Deep Avalons?

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