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So I’m kinda curious, would mythical creatures that have their roots in myths of vengeance and anger be a thing? Like, what of creatures like the Nuckelavee of Orcadian myth? Would their violent origins and monstrous appearance pose a stigma on them? Would they have to face prejudice for being entities of rage and hatred? Or would it be more of a case of some sort of identity bias? Legit curious how “vengeful spirits” would fit in, if they exist.

Man, babyproofing a home when you have a baby centaur, Bohemian lion, gryphon or other cryptid-species around would be a THOUSAND times harder than with human babies! Sharper teeth, a greater tendency to gnaw, claws, better climbing capabilities… **cringes** Bet they pay their babysitters well.

… and we haven’t even talked about securing your home against random humans peering through the windows(*) yet, right? ;-)

(*) Assuming that said home is *not* in an Avalon and thus can not be childproofed with whatever methods would prompt WTF?s from random passers-by even *before* they see the toddler.

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