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Ahhhh thanks for answering Kory! Must be tough having a love life as a Nixie. If you want to give someone a kiss you probably have to watch the weather forecast very carefully.

And yeah, probably should’ve guessed about the unturned thing. The masquerade wouldn’t last 20 minutes if every kiss at the beach made your paramour Finny

What if someone gets a kiss before leaving a shop and some bratty kid drops a water balloon on their head?

What if he was shopping for beverages and takes a (leaky) sip even BEFORE he leaves the shop …

Heck, what if he DROOLS on himself a bit??

(Omg they look so cuuuute in this answer!)

Q: Since (turned) Nokks probably know they eventually kinda go bestial, do most of them like… plan for that? Try and recognize the signs and get their affairs in order before they basically turn into sea monsters?

Man, now I have mental images of a crazed prankster running around on a rainy day and shooting random humans with a squirtbottle of nixie-spit! O_O!!! The poor things’d transform and flop around on the pavement while everybody gawked; then they’d end up in a lab somewhere. And the prankster’d go on their merry way, having caused all sorts of horrible havoc in his or her victims’ lives. NOT a pretty picture…..

I think (I HOPE) that wouldn’t work.
Every example we’ve seen so far of folk getting nixie-spittified involves them actually having it in their mouth (I’m assuming swallowing is part of that, but I’m not pretending to be an expert). Like Jim and his buddies spiking people’s drinks with it, and Merial kissing Jim.

That said, I now really want to see what kind of consequences would be visited upon a certain unnamed sassy glastig if she spiked Alec’s drink with the stuff and doused him one night. We already know what bugbears look like on nixie spit (the phrase “deep-sea bugbear” comes to mind) but how would he retaliate, especially since she’s officially a “person of interest”?

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