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Seeing someone tell you how a parent died of a sudden brain aneurism, with a smile that large, kinda tends to stick with you.

Yeah, but it is one of the better ways to go. On the other hand, it’s also a common misdiagnosis when the death had a more spooky cause… Dun Dun Duuuun.

Actually, if they don’t know what the exact cause of death is, it will be listed as “cardiac arrest” until after the autopsy.

The reason is because technically everyone dies of cardiac arrest… that is what defines the end of life, is when the heart stops. So the coroner will write down “cardiac arrest” until they know what the real cause of death was, then they’ll go back and change it.

Wait… Jewellery maker who travels around selling his work. Anyone else think he might have been making… MEDALLIONS?? :o

You know, thats actually not a bad theory. And considering the above (his death is a common excuse for something more secretive), maybe this happened because someone had a grade on him due to his making medallions… Come on kory, if this isn’t already happening, make it happen! It would be epic!

He’s a counter theory, he was being secretly groomed to be able to make medallions by people that want medallions for their own reasons, but he died before he was ready, and so the people who wanted the medallions have shifted their attention onto Michele.

Crack headcannon:

Michelle’s dad knew who he was and decided to remain Unturned, for safety reasons etc. It doesn’t mean he didn’t know how to use magic. My crackpot theory is that he was making magical artifacts and selling them to the weird critters we all know and love.

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