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RQ for Tobias:
Have you been watching the new series of Doctor Who and what did you think about it?

Series 1 was late March 2005 – mid June 2005, with Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler. So it will be just finishing at the same time as Illumination takes place.

I’m re-reading Illuminations and have all sorts of questions about the tattoos — How do tattoos even work when their human forms are just Illusions? When Royce adds the tattoo to their illusion, does he actually poke people with needles or somehow magically tweak their presentations? Do the colors carry through their fur in true form? And if the tattoo is part of the illusion, could it be erased or redrawn?

Wait does Mme U pay taxes? Do any of the Avalon only shops pay taxes? Is there someone who represents them above board to they can order things without laundering money? With laundering money?

Do they have friends in the IRS? Should they be fearing the IRS?

Just because something is extinct, doesn’t mean remains can’t still be around. Take the dodo bird for example: all that we have left is a head and a foot, but Oxford Museum still has those remains for the last 300 years. I’m curious if there’s any DNA left and whether we could clone it (I’m not sure about if we should).

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