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Are games like DnD enjoyed by the mythical community? It seems like the DM would at least have to police themself on what monsters they introduce, seeing as they could resemble people that the players know, and/or seem insensitive.

I would love to see our awesome Wonderlanders playing D&D. I think Eleanor would rock as a DM.

Rupert: What do you mean I can’t run away?
Eleanor: You’re stuck in the pit, Rup. You can’t climb out.
Rupert: Jim, help me!
Jim: Can I see any treasure from where I am?
Rupert: I’m gonna be stuck down here all night, aren’t I?
Eleanor: No treasure, but you can see a giant centipede in the pit with Rupert.
Rupert: A what?!
Jim: Can it get to me?
Eleanor: No.
Rupert: Kill it! Killitkillitkillitkillit!

just wondering (maybe other people as well…?) could we see more creatures (nixie-spit-itfyed…?) or possibly the crew?

welp that was weird wording i wonder what others would look like after touching nixie spit?

Jim was the supporting character for the story Nixie Spit
Greg and Michelle were number 25 from this series of RQs
Ike was also done this series for no effect.
And Bhadraksh was Nixie-Spitified into a Mantis Shrimp this series.
Alec was Feb 2017
Humans were the final RQ for Nov 2013

So far, what hasn’t been done are, Bandersnatches, Bohemian Lions, Centaurs, Chechen Wolves, Fauns, Glaistigs, Gorgons, Harpies, Jub-Jub Birds, Manticores, Nemean Lions, Ouzelum Birds, Pterippi, White Stags, and Wonderland Rabbits

… *or* any of the already-water-related species beyond Ike, while we’re compiling a list … ;-)

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