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About a year ago, I was out doing some errands. I was leaning against the wall of a building checking some texts and I hear what I think is one of those electric scooters that everyone was using until people realized they had to be responsible and not leave them everywhere. I look up to make sure this person was paying attention to where they were going (I had almost gotten into 4 accidents because people weren’t paying attention to where they were scooting). And instead of someone on a scooter, it’s a guy in a hoodie wearing one of those headlamps that bikers wear at night riding a segway.
So picture this, I glance up from my phone to see a guy in a hoodie with a light obscuring his face GLIDING towards me on the sidewalk and I just stand there looking at him ride off in the night because I didn’t expect to see the fucking Thing on my grocery run

So here is a question for bloodcarver, um if you were around for the great war that is. Were there any dragons that felt sympathy for the sphinxes and tried to help them to escape?

Also if more sphinxes did escape couldn’t they have made a doorway to a different place ( like the hell mouths, or the looking glass?)

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