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Are there any boar or pig based mythological creatures in the world of Skin Deep?

Okay, I have a question, but I can’t ask it in just a couple of words, so I’m gonna explain it with a story.

Situation, Two full blood creatures (Only to make it clear) are having a child. Only thing, the child isn’t a creature himself. Maybe he doesn’t have the blood, or something blocking the magical energy.
What happen then? Is he giving away for adoption? Or are the parents forced to live in the human world? Are there special rules that a child can live with the others as long as he doesn’t tell.
I mean, Acording to Anthony and Micheal, we already know what happen to a child of one human and one creature.
See it as Harry Potter. What happen to a ‘squib’ in the Skin Deep world?

Well, they wouldn’t even know the kid is human until they’ve been given a medallion which doesn’t normally happen until a certain point.

Unless you are under the impression that mythical families typically go into full human life while their human form birthed children are kept in the dark until the time comes? That seems more risky, personally.

Nobody’s going to believe a child running around saying mythical creatures are real and the child has plenty of chance in the meantime to learn better before they have any real chance of exposing the mythical community.

A kid who’s just learned he’s been lied to all his life, given a medallion at the cusp of their rebellious years, seems a lot more likely to blow the mythical community’s cover.

That’s exactly what happens with Ike Sanford, the Buggane/Manticore crossbreed; he mentions very specifically when he’s talking to Antony in the Underground that his mother was living as a human. To quote Anthony: “Me mum was hidin’ as human so I was born human and she raised me as one. I didn’t know about none of this crazy stuff…” And then he grew pink fur, fins, hooves, a terrifying tail, lots of teeth and bucketloads of angst, poor kid. Of course, his mother isn’t exactly a sterling example of rock-solid sanity; I have to wonder why she was living as a human.

I’ve always assumed that it was done out of shame for having fallen in love with someone not a buggane, especially given her attitudes to anyone not a buggane. The fact that Ike’s father was a transformed manticore can’t have made her feel any better about it.

So what you’re asking is if two mythicals can produce a fully-human child who will never have a turning when given a medallion?

Unless there’s something wrong with the medallion I’m not sure if that’s even possible. It would be like putting a lion and a tiger together and expecting the cub to be a leopard.

But then, magic is screwy so who knows?

Oooh, beautiful talons! Bet she’d be quite the dancer. And if you ever feel like drawing a Road Runner totem or gryphon cross (yikes, imagine a Road Runner/Jaguar gryphon! I live in the Sonoran desert and we have confirmed sightings of Jaguars passing through on several of the seasonal rivers) don’t let me dissuade you– Road Runners are *amazing.*

Back in Exchanges, Jim mentioned that America wasn’t much different to his part of the world, with the difference being things like a lot more totems, and David apparently has met enough to say they “give him the heebie jeebies”.

Are all the totems in Europe immigrants from places that have totems, or are there totems that are native to Europe; they just aren’t common, due to such things like human spirituality changing over the centuries?

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