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I love when the comic is posted but I love the fillers just as much. I enjoy world building and back stories and all that sort of stuff. It’s amazing what people come up with. So while I love the “main event” I’m gonna miss this little blurbs.

I had a dream someone asked in the reader questions if any celebrities were monsters and instead of a drawing you just wordlessly posted a bunch of real-life blurry photos and tabloid articles that said things like “Jamie Lee Curtis Secret Bugbear?” and all the comments were people going “oh yeah I forgot”

So I have an interesting question, lets use the dragon and hummingbird gryphon as examples, how would the size of said creature result towards the person actual height and weight when transfroming into a human(lets just say somehow a dragon or large creature with a medallin). Does the medallion just compensates? Cause those humming bird gryphon is super small!

After catching up on reader questions, I have a couple inspired by those that have been answered.
1- If Alec claims everyone/anything remarkable is really a bugbear, is there anyone/anything that he refuses to claim?
2- Since birds are the descendants of dinosaurs, could there have been dinosaur griffins (like feathered theropods & megafauna mammals)?

For point 2, VERY possibly, depending on when they existed.
There’s the gryphon Kory did 3 pages back, Haast’s Eagle/Diprotodon.
Then there’s this one from the January 2017 RQs, a Thylacosimlus/Terror Bird
And in a Patreon sketch book, there’s a Haast’s Eagle/Smilodon.

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