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Well, I have to say that the octahedron is one of my favourite Platonic solids too. Much nicer than the square old cube and pointy tetrahedron, but still employing only 90° and 60° angles. One of the strongest structural forms, too. And while I do like dodecahedrons and icosahedrons, they do rely on a certain flashiness, the dodecahedron isn’t as strong, and who can really keep track of all those internal and external angles?

Greg: Okay… but what do you think of the angels in Neon Genesis Evangelion? You’ve never watched it…? And know next to nothing about it…? …Would you like to watch it? I have the whole thing back at my hotel room. Plus, I can give informative commentary where necessary… You would? <c-:< All right!! Would anyone else like to come along…? You would?! <c-x< *rubs hands with glee* Come on then! Time's a-wasting, and we've a lot of watching to get through!


hm not a big fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion, i prefer Gate

I loved Gate, but the anime was all too short. Felt sort of cut off, like it maybe lost funding. But I loved the basic premise and the way it was done.

I haven’t seen that particular anime, but a lot of anime adapted from manga have unsatisfactory endings because they were rushed into production while the manga were still in print the whole time the anime were in production and airing. Typically, they either fake an ending or leave it dangling…

i dont understand there are fans of neon genesis evangelion? but its shit like really really bad shit horrorable smelly shit i watched the first 17 episodes hoping it would get better or make some sense, ps it didnt. giant plot holes are not a mystery they are just plot holes

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