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Why are the side effects to tampering with magic often so difficult to reverse or cure? You would think that a society who’s so accustomed to dealing with magic and other supernatural forces would have figured out how to cure a simple case of ram’s horns?

While there are magical sigils we don’t really see most people studying magic or even doing much with it other than Tim, so it could be like asking why folks before vaccinations couldn’t cure diseases – the knowledge of how to do so may simply not be around yet.

Abigail, I’ve been wondering about wings in general. Can you lie down on your back comfortably? When you’re walking in public, can you fold your wings so they’re wrapped around your body, or can they only fold flush on your back?

Tim, I think you might be projecting. Lol.

Personally, I’d be more inclined to believe its the other way around, mythicals messing around with magic to adapt to a world thats primarily geared to cater to beings with a humanoid anatomy.

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