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This version of Ammit looks a lot more friendly than what the Ancient Egyptians feared.

[Dermot appears, carrying a blood-dripping plate with a huge pile of coronaries-covered meat]

That thing looks like Egyptian crocodile God sobek.

Except Sobek was all Croc while this lady has Hippo and Lion in her as well.

Wrong sobek had the head of a crocodile and the body of a man. Also if you look at Egyptian mythology most of the male gods had heads of animals and body’s of men.

Hello Kory!

The previous question about glasses/clothing being altered via medallion made me curious- do those that need glasses in human/midform still need them to see in fullform? Will things other than clothing, such as prosthetics, tattoos, medical devices (such as a pacemaker) also be converted to fit whatever form the medallion wearer has?

So basically the ancient Egyptians combined their three biggest “man eaters” into one goddess: hippo, lion, and crocodile. I don’t think hippos actually eat people, I think they’re probably just mean :-)

Pretty much yeah. Ammit would eat the hearts of people who failed the weighing of their hearts against the feather. She herself wasn’t worshiped but was more or less the embodiment of everything the Egyptians feared. So it follows that she is comprised of the animals that would kill the shit out of people.

That gaze… what, or who, is she looking at?

Mikhail: She is starin’ at us.

Damien: She ain’t a celestial… she is lickin’ her lips, though.

Azreal: Just ignore her. And if she comes over here… we head off to that alley, *jerks head* casual, then leg it back to the portal to Dis.


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