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So glad to see this! Reptilians need so much love in fantasy settings and RPGs! Most places, they’re portrayed as cannibalistic, unemotional, and so on. Earthdawn made inroads against this, but they’re the exception.

Google the interview in Youtube called, “Gator Girl Rescues Nuisance Alligators” for some happy fun. :D This doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. I think they’ve just been overstereotyped.

Ooh, I love this one. Are chuckwallas related to Gila monsters?

Not that I’ve ever heard; but they live in the same region, so the same general body-type works for them both. Male chucks are much more colorful than the females, which are rock-gray; the males have areas of bright orange, red and yellow against their gray depending on how much they’re displaying of their I-Am-A-Studly-Male-Chuck mating colors at that particular time.

ADORABLE! There’s a female chuckwalla that I see every now and then when I go hiking; she lives in a large crack in a really big boulder (it has to be big, they are NOT small lizards) and gradually sneaks her head up where she can see me. A big, chunky, beautiful girl just the color of her boulder!

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