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2023 Reader Question 102

2023 Reader Question 102 published on 10 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 102

I feel like a wolverine/great horned owl vs moose/goose fight would result in the total destruction of a 5 mile radius.

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OK, by now, it should be clear that “gryphon week” was an outright misnomer.

It’s obviously gryphon season. :-3

(No “Santa Claws” jokes, though, please. Minimum creativeness level is set to “Santa / Roc (for carrying capacity) gryphon”. :-P )


D&D in Avalons is a bit controversial because so many of the “monsters” players encounter are “people” in real life. However, there are some exceptions that many agree are perfectly acceptable monsters, owlbears chief among them as most agree “that shit’s just scary.”

I mean, I could equally see a lot more variety and nuanced takes on the assorted ‘monsters’ for the same reason, as well as a huge amount of monster-as-PC-race work being done, either as homebrew races or as a in-universe subtle tip that some people at not-WOTC/not-Paizo/etc are in-the-know and trying to make options for the other-than-human players to play something a little more themselves around their human friends.

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