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2018 Reader Question 78

2018 Reader Question 78 published on 18 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 78

Male Grecian sphinxes and female Egyptian sphinxes weren’t unheard of back before they went extinct, they just were very rare. They’re like a species of pokemon that has a very high gender ratio, hah hah. Yes everything can relate back to pokemon for me.


Please tell me that there are some pokemon that are somehow canon

because I want to believe

I can imagine that some kid had wandered into a Japanese Avalon and used them as inspiration when he became a game developer as an adult. So I imagine some pokemon from the first game might be real. (Later games would be entirely imaginary; there can’t be THAT many varieties, surely.)

Alas, unlike Lewis Carroll’s work, pokemon remain under copyright. It’d be neat, and I wouldn’t mind seeing some drawn for these interregnums, I wouldn’t expect to see them in the comic itself.

Ninetails is essentially a kitsune. Most of it’s descriptions line up perfectly with kitsunes.

In fact, there’s many Pokemon based on mythology.

So wish granted, more or less! Just learn a little bit more about the lore behind different Pokemon origins!

Did some quick research and here’s other mythological pokemon and their associated myths, a few easier ones from the first three gen.
1st Gen:
Vulpix & Ninetails = Kitsune; Meowth = Maneki-neko; Drowsee & Hypno = Baku; Magikarp & Gyardos = Dragon Carp; Lapras = Loch Ness Monster; Zapdos = Thunderbird
2nd Gen:
Natu & Xatu = Totem Creature; Espeon = Bakeneko; Dunsparce = Tsuchinoko; Ho-Oh = Fenghuang
3rd Gen:
Blaziken = Basan & Karura; Lotad = Kappa; Shiftry = Tengu; Sableye = Hopkinsville Goblin; Mawile = Futakuchi-onna; Whiscash = Namazu

Also many pokemon already exist in real life.
Paras and Parasect are representative of the Cordyceps fungus, Polywag is essentially translucent tadpoles, Caterpie is a Eastern tiger swallowtail caterpillar, Vileplume is the Rafflesia arnoldii, Luvdisc is a kissing gourami, Mudkip is an axolotl, Magikarp is a Yellow Rockfish, Krookodile is a gharial, Chatot is a yellow collared lovebird, Victreebel is a pitcher plant, and Sandslash is a pangolin just to name a few.

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