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2018 Reader Question 79

2018 Reader Question 79 published on 14 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 79

Vegetable lambs are a great source of cotton and cuteness.

I’m at GenCon this week! If you’re going to be at GenCon, come say high! I’m in a huge booth with a bunch of other great creators!!!!! On Friday and Saturday I’ll be signing my GenCon-exclusive Rick and Morty comic cover over at Oni’s booth! Exciting! Come say hello!


What’s up with the politics of the London Avalon?
If “Council of Elders” is a meangiful title, I’m not sure how that could come about. An oligarchic (in the technical sense of “rule by a few”) gerontocracy seems like a recipe for failure, especially given just how incredibly old a lot of these people are. Technological development and large-scale social change puts more stress on the community when those in charge are unfamiliar or hostile to those ideas.

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