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2024 Reader Question 113

2024 Reader Question 113 published on 10 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 113

OH NO YOU FIGURED ME OUT. Now i must disappear back from whence I came…goodbye….

The Skin Deep Pin Club is open! This quarter’s theme is the LIVERPOOL AVALON, and come August all members will get two enamel pins based off Liverpool Avalon storefronts, and an EMBROIDERED PATCH of the Underground sign! I’ve never done embroidered patches before, so I’m really excited about this one! Click here for more information on how to join the Pin Club!


8David Attenbourogh voice*

And here is the elusive and reclusive Kory Bing, seeing the light of day.. we have to stay quiet because they scare easily, and return to their semi-subterranean abode that is filled with papers and other things that they will sheathe themselves with in times of panic.. Oh no! A shadow, possibly a camera flash or tre limb moved and they’re gone.. Three minutes of visible time, a new record possibly. Certainly much less time than the full two hour interview we managed from the rare Grecian Sphinx just last week. Which I’ll remind.. Oh dear, there they are again. we must go that sphinx is relentless with wanting to talk to us about our vehicle warrantee.

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