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2020 Reader Question 35

2020 Reader Question 35 published on 7 Comments on 2020 Reader Question 35

Lots of cats this week! I admittedly haven’t done a lot of world building around what the Skin Deep world looks like outside of Europe and North America, but I do know that all the weird cat yokai are canon. I just love them. Nekomata are old and cranky and like to burn things down. They live in the mountains away from humans if they can.

It’s September and that means the Patreon Pin Club is open to new patrons! If you’re new to the pin club, Every three months I mail out two exclusive enamel pins, at least one sticker, and maybe some extra goodies! I actually already have the pins for this round of Pin Club, it will be Mikhail Grim and Myra Reinkemeyer! They’ll go out in the mail in November! You can get more information over on Patreon!


I can’t recall, but are hippogriffs or hippalectryons a thing? How about onocentaurs?

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