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I mean, I’m sure plenty of Skin Deep creatures could pass as a werewolf if they wanted to; Dean certainly can. I can see Alec pranking a bunch of humans with “transforming” on a full moon. I’m sure he can alter his image enough to pass as decently wolfish.

Yes, most of the “folklore” now associated with werewolves was invented by the scriptwriters of The Wolf Man (1941, Universal Films), starring Lon Chaney Jr. in the title role. The werewolves of traditional folklore generally shifted straight from human to fullform wolf, and couldn’t hold a midform of any sort.

Well, to be fair, the title of the movie was “Wolf Man,” not “Werewolf.”

For a horror movie, an actual wolf is just too darn good looking to make an effective screen monster, no matter how ferocious he is. And that’s not even considering all the animal work the filmmakers would have to do with a trained wolf while the movie star sat on the bench. Nowadays, digital animals are a piece of cake, but back in 1941?

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