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If I know anything about people, it’s that they will put up with allergies and intolerances for what they love. I bet his mum still gives him all the hugs and smooches despite her allergy

My brother has a pet dander allergy to the point that he uses an inhaler (he has allergic asthma for other things as well), some pets trigger it more than others. This has not stopped him from adopting two cats that he and his wife love and cherish everyday

… so does the magic suppress the allergens, or would someone be just mysteriously sniffly around their unturned friend/child/workmate despite not having pets~.

Animal allergens are transmitted through pet dander so as long as the individual is still unturned they wouldn’t be shedding.

After that point they’d probably be passing some fur onto their clothes when they use their medallions. Even if they’re really careful about their form changes, any pet owner knows how their fur somehow winds up everywhere.

Goodness, good thing that allergy only came about AFTER he was born. Can’t imagine the complications that would come about if you were allergic to your own baby while pregnant. Best case scenario, you’d need to take anti-allergy meds every hour and sleep with an IV filled with whatever epipens use

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