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2023 Reader Question 101

2023 Reader Question 101 published on 9 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 101

Eleanor enjoying chaos, you say? Yeah I can do that.

I’m traveling back from MFF today! Thanks so much for everyone who stopped by and said hello!

It’s December, which means it’s time for SKIN DEEP PIN CLUB to open again! Join in December and stay on thru February and you’ll get a PHINEAS THE RED pin with an opalescent red mane! And also a second pin that I haven’t designed yet. What will it be? It is a Mystery (not for long, I’ll figure it out and post the design to Patreon as soon as I have it).


I just noticed something while re-reading some of your awesome comics and if it’s to “spicy”/ unanswerable, than that’s that but…
Ophelia aka Tonys mum grew up secluded on an island as a somewhat happy harpy, with the only humanlike beings being Satyrs as in the sorceress, I suspect. Given that any podargian harpy etc. shuns human society, if this is even a topic to begin with: Why exactly did she (Ophelia) think a human is desirable to begin with? Like in a potential romantic mate? Or was it rather the escapism? Am I reading to much into this? Should I just embrace the little mermaid logic here?

Ophelia’s an Aellean harpy, not a Podargian harpy.

The reason Podargians don’t interact with human society isn’t a cultural thing, they’re literally birds with human faces. Aellean harpies don’t have that problem.

I know, but on the photo evidence, there’s a podargian harpy and some mingle as background characters – which let me to assume, that the island Ophelia was on was somewhat reclusive, therefore human sightings would be pretty uncommon or even rare. This was my reasoning behind it, but yeah, I’m usually not good in explaining things! ;)

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