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2023 Reader Question 4

2023 Reader Question 4 published on 6 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 4

Welcome to Reader Questions! Are you looking for the regular comic? You can use the “chapters” button on the menu to navigate to any comic arc! The navigation buttons will only sort through previous Reader Questions while Reader Questions are updating. I do this so if you want to binge Skin Deep you won’t be interrupted every once in awhile by a bunch of Reader Questions!

Medallion magic is very tricky and some people are better at using their medallions than others. More control usually comes with practice, but some individuals have very fine control over their midform. It’s not fully understood how medallion magic picks the look of the individual’s human disguise and the human disguise is not consciously controlled by the user, but nearly everybody knows a guy who knows a guy who saw a person with such fine control over their medallion that they could change their human body.

Comicon starts today! I’m at the Topatocon booth, 1229, with Kel McDonald, Alina Pete, and Sam Logan! There’s a lot of great stuff here, come say hello!


When someone pops up wanting to see some really obscure cryptic creature, how often do you have to look it up and quickly research what it’s supposed to look like? (It would be almost every time if it was me!)

Has anyone ever faked you out with a completely made up creature, like the Mount Shasta Pine Howler?

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