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How about her hut on fowl’s legs? Cryptid or construct?

Hut on fowl’s legs: *pffft!* And the second rule of Baba Yaga is we don’t talk about who’s really in charge! *wink* I will tell you that my favourite tune is now the one that Mussorgsky wrote about me! (sings) Da DA! Da-da DA! Da DA-DA! Da da DA-DA DA-DA! *dances off singing The Hut on Fowl’s Legs from Pictures at an Exhibition*

Baba Yaga: *tch!*


I recall a book by Orson Scott Card that featured Baba Yaga and time travel. Her “hut on chicken legs” ended up being a Boeing 747 that she transported back to the past with her magic (thinking that her target was on it, but he managed to disembark in time).
An airplane’s landing gear does look awfully spindly and tiny compared to the huge body, when you think about it…almost chicken-like?

Are/were there any famous musical bands that had mythical/magical beings in them? My guess, it was probably Warren Zevon.

Ah, let’s not. One of the things I really appreciate from Skin Deep is that Kory never felt a need to appropriate real-life people as part of her mythos. I hate it when an author makes a big ‘secret society’ and then alleges that every other historical figure, artist, or icon was actually a member of their awesome special society/race.

It’s one thing for the author to declare that a given RW person is/was a part of their “secret society”; it’s another to have characters speculating — or even pontificating — about it.

(I’m reminded of werewolf Kitty Norville speculating that General William Tecumseh Sherman was a werewolf.)

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