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2024 Reader Question 82

2024 Reader Question 82 published on 20 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 82

I think Michelle and Greg both like pachycephalosaurus because they’re weird little guys and when they were kids it was impressive that they knew a dinosaur name that was so long and hard to say.

Jim likes the tall ones because he’s tall.


That dinosaur I liked was either a Corythosaurus from Dink the Little Dinosaur or there was a Parasaurolophus that showed up as a one-shot. No VCR so I had to use books and memory to find dinos that looked like her.

What sort of cartoons did your characters watch as a kid? Were any of them old enough to watch Dinosaucers or Denver?


But favorite non-mamalian prehistoric creature is the Quetzalcoalus. I wanna be a Skybax rider

Lammergiers! They absolutely are so freaking cool! The red ones look extra cool!

*whimper* Poor Lämmergeier (“lambs’ vulture(s)”), what did those Anglosaxons do to your spelling … :’-C

(Sorry for the whining, it’s just that – after Sunbird – it’s the second time in short order I’m getting hit with that one …)

bearded vulture isn’t a dinosaur tho?? those are modern birds??

Taxonomically, there can be no classification of dinosaur that does not include their direct descendants, the modern bird.

Indeed, with the time spans involved, a modern bird is likely more closely related to a late Cretacious dinosaur than that same dinosaur would be to a Triassic species.

Anyway I am also tall and my favourites are also the tall ones. Sauropod enjoyers know what’s up.

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