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I think it’s great that this comic likes to run the breadth of world mythology; it helps shine a light on some of the more obscure creatures in world mythology.

That said, I’m wondering about a few, the two that have been occupying my mind most recently are the Aralez from Armenian mythology and Ramidreju from Spanish lore.

The Aralez is basically described as a celestial dog that descends from the heavens to revive the slain, usually cited as fallen heroes, by licking their wounds.

The Ramidreju is a bit more distinct in its appearance. It is described as having a weasel-like body, with boar-like tusks on its snout and green fur. The Ramidreju is said to have the power to seek out Gold and Treasures. Gold is described as a comfort item that makes it more docile, but if you try to pilfer its gold from it, then it becomes highly aggressive; the fur of the Ramidreju is also described as being a sort of magical cure-all.

I am curious what these two creatures would like in the setting of Skin Deep. Would they be rare potential pets, kind of like some of the mythical creatures we’ve seen in the larger Avalons, or would they be more akin to the more enlightened populations of mythical creatures we’ve seen?

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