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But why would Nemean kids need—-oh, probably because of other Nemean kids.


Why doesn’t Dr. Hobbes have the same safety-charm put on his scrubs?

I think it’s more that young Nemeand take their invulnerability for granted and are more likely to do dangerous and stupid things that could get them hurt because they’re so used to not getting hurt.

Wouldn’t that same sense of invulnerably make them inclined to discard any protection? I can’t imagine it’d be any different than expecting a kid to wear a bicycle helmet — by the time they reach adolescence most decide they are ‘too old’ for it and refuse to wear one.

Yeah, as explained in a previous question a few weeks ago, Nemean Lions are not at all invulnerable; they just have a magically sturdy skin.

This doesn’t protect anything about them that is not their skin, so they’re just as vulnerable to a lot of things as anyone else, but they may not realize it and take stupid risks.

Probably just a question of volume/mass affected by the protection. It’s presumably much simpler to charm a pair of glasses to be magically resistant than an entire suit. Plus the glasses don’t need to remain soft and flexible; if the charm of protection is basically “this object remains static and unalterable”, it would not be very practical on clothing.

Well geez, suddenly wondering what happens if his human form gets a cut (or if it even can). The human form is complicated illusion stuff, so does he get the illusion of a cut? An actual cut that goes away when shifted? Or is it something that would trigger an emergency shift the way that Merial experienced when almost drowning?

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