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2024 Reader Questions 5

2024 Reader Questions 5 published on 28 Comments on 2024 Reader Questions 5

Listen, it’s a delicate situation and he doesn’t want to talk about it and it has nothing to do with having rewritten a lot of the Dis story in the years between Orientations and Now and that I don’t really know how to resolve this part of the story, okay???


I am reminded of the Astro City story about the man who lost his wife in one of those Cosmic Retcons that happen in superhero universes, and still dreamed about her even though she never existed in the new timeline.

I’ve just assumed they divorced after he failed the Father, tbh.

Aw, was hoping for a nice female dragoness character… they are always dudes or if female, a bad guy! Maybe one day, the hope is not gone yet.

Fandom: “Pssst, Vera … any chance you can tell us some more about Bloodcarver’s wife?”
Vera: “Sure, but which of the three do you want to know about?”
Fandom: “Umh, the current one …”
Vera: “Ah, good that you remind me, yes, there are two exes as well …”

Something I have been musing on for a while: Asian Dragons have a better rep than most other Dragons, and a few having notable shapeshifting. So the question is this: Did they suffer the same fate as the rest, or did they play the “Highly Evolved Fish” angel and avoided the war altogether?

I like think his wife is very supportive. She comforted him and listened to him when he came back from his first mission empty handed, and tended to him best she could after the Father brutalized him. Her faith in the system had begun to waver by then but like all dragons she still hoped the Father still had their best interests at heart, even if his treatment of Bloodcarver had shaken her. She’s having her own crisis of faith following the events in Dis but is more than anything worried about Bloodcarver. He in turn is worried about her and lashes out because he doesn’t know how to handle the uncertainty and fear.

His wife may or may not be Nudelschalnge, given she was the one who stepped forward saying that maybe Bloodcarver was right about returning to Earth, which seemed like a pretty brave thing to do in the face of the Father.

They’re going to have a LOVELY REUNION and it’s going to be VERY SWEET and I just want Bloodcarver to BE HAPPY.

How old, relatively, is Bloodcarver anyway? Like in dragon society is he considered a child, adolescent, young adult, middle aged…? For some reason I got the vibe that he was on the younger side (mebbe a little older, relatively, than the Michelle & co) for a dragon

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