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So there’s multiple planes of existence intersecting Earth and they are as much a part of Earth as everything else, but Earth is hardly stationary in space. How are these planes tethered to Earth?

Ah, you have the mistaken assumption that the aspects of earth on the other planes are stationary and separate and that space only exists in our plane of existence yet they are not.

Space exists in all planes but what fills that space may vary.

The ethereal plane is full of ether and if we could only manage a shift to that plane we could fabricate ether flyers and traverse from world to world with a lot more ease that sitting on top of a fire cracker and lighting the fuse.

Do you watch My Hero Academia? If so what would your quirk be?

Step four: Not having any source for fastener doodads, dig your fellow dragons out from underneath the collapsed first building and learn to do dovetails. >;->

(And if you manage to do that just by artful use of your fiery breath, rather than raising the time to whittle the next mold twentyfold, you might want to try selling tickets to us hyoomans to watch. ;-)

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