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2019 Reader Question 15

2019 Reader Question 15 published on 32 Comments on 2019 Reader Question 15

Most hoofed creatures can take care of their own hooves, but any good-sized Avalon will have a Farrier to help keep those little toenails nice and healthy.

Skin Deep will return next Tuesday! Keep an eye out September 10th for the start of Obverse & Reverse Chapter 3: Curiouser and Curiouser! Thanks for reading!


So we’ve seen paws and claws as hands but not hooves. Is there any creature with forehooves that would become hands and what would they look like?

Actually we have! Blanche’s full White Stag form only has hooves, but whenever he’s in midform he’s got normal human hands. With Elise’s pegasus midform, though, it seems that she keeps the base shape of her hooves as her fingers and adds a thumb. Not sure if that’s up to personal preference or the difference between deer and horse hooves, though. Greg probably also counts because he has three-fingered hoof hands in satyr form, but that may just be a satyr thing.

My World of Zekira rpg has an entire industry in their world, for just this kind of thing. Since they value their animal-powered mutants, they like to keep them happy and healthy. Can’t just go to any old fashion house to pick up a skirt when you’ve got the body of a beetle, or find gloves for two-fingered hands…

Can we please see more historical figures in (according to Alec) their true bugbear form?

Suddenly I’m picturing Benjamin Franklin as a bugbear. Truthfully, though, he’d be more of a satyr, wouldn’t he? Considering his reputation with the ladies and all… OOH. And NOW I’m wondering how many of the signers of the original Declaration of Independence were nonhumans; intriguing! (Of course, Alec would have us believe that they were *all* bugbears.)

And NOW I’m wondering how many of the signers of the original Declaration of Independence were nonhumans; intriguing! (Of course, Alec would have us believe that they were *all* bugbears.)

Well, I suppose that it having been written and signed was quite scary news to lots of humans back in the day … ;-)

Ugh, man! I had completely forgotten about that bun in the oven shirt, haha!

I have to praise Kory for being so consistently and continously creative when dressing up the character. It takes a very out of the ordinary set of skills to acomplish that level of quality!

I imagine most hooved folk would learn elementary hoof care as a basic grooming skill. Most horse owners can knock off a flair or dub an edge easily enough, it’s hard to get in too much trouble with a hoof rasp. Of course, that requires them to be able to reach their back feet.

And I can’t imagine many of them would go for nail on shoes when there are a least a dozen brands of hoof boots available these days. They’re slick on hard pavements and they’d ruin your hardwood floors.

Chapter 3: Curiouser and Curiouser!

… well, that sure sounds like we’ll be back with our ever-wonder(land-explor)ing trio! ;-)

Maybe, maybe not. Ch1 of this set was “Claws that Catch”, which had Bloodcarver come up to talk with Michelle, and that’s part of the line that describes the Jabberowky (line 2: ‘the jaws that bite, the claws that catch’) in the poem of the same name, so it’s just as likely we’ll go back to Michelle as we do the past adventures of Jim and co.

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If a female creature gives birth in human form, will her offspring be born in human form? How long does a griffin pregnancy/egg forming period go? Would someone like Mary Finn just look like any other pregnant woman in her human form? How does the medallion magic affect the unborn child/egg? Do parents at the Avalon get an obstetrician?

Sorry. My mom’s a nurse, and all my married friends are having babies. #singlelife

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