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2018 Reader Question 24

2018 Reader Question 24 published on 7 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 24

I had honestly never thought about this before, but I really like the idea that the pipes act as analogues to their heraldic depictions of having long waggly tongues.

I’ll be at VanCAF this weekend! If you’re in Vancouver you should drop by! It’s a free show and there will be a TON of amazing artists!!!!!


As an S.C.A. herald, I’m well aware that a heraldic lion is routinely depicted with its mouth wide open and its tongue thrust out. It’s obviously supposed to look ferocious, but it has always occurred to me that it would only have to be drawn a little bit different for it to look like a classic feline yawn. (But no herald would ever be so mischievous as to draw it that way or to suggest that an artist do so.)

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