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Yeah, I’m guessing that once you add species and species mixes into the already ill-defined genders, the common “gay/straight/bi” boxes just aren’t gonna cut it. I don’t feel like they do too well even without adding species into the mix…

Pansexual works as fine as anything else and gives a lot of lee-way, really. If my sense of attraction wasn’t so strong toward one gender as it is, I would probably be pansexual, since it makes much more sense to me than heterosexual and homosexual issues.

Falling in love with the person that you love, no matter who they are, is rather poetic. I wish the world worked that way for everything.

That’s funny! I’ve joked for *years* that I’m pansexual, ’cause I’d totally do Pan if the opportunity arose. Packaging doesn’t matter; personality does.
And yeah, I think it’s pretty obvious that Jim is just into sensuality and sensation.

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