Bugbear Talisman 6: Lily’s Destiny

Lily is a person with a destiny. A destiny for mischief.

Also a reminder that you can buy that poster that Lily defaced at my store, you know. If you want it on your wall or something.

My Kickstarter for Exchanges is up and running! It’s 50% funded now, and if it makes it to $30k I’ll be able to get both Exchanges AND Orientations printed! It’s so exciting! Please help out, if you can!


Ohmygod the pose in front of the flag ahahahaha.

(One day, I will make intelligent thoughtful comments, I swear.)

The first step on the road to solving the problem is to be snidely aware of the fact that maybe it could do with a bit of a polish.

Rrrrright… Does this mean that, in addition to all the other stuff, Alec can pick when someone defaces any printed representation of him, even one that has already been degraded by the elements, and strike back at them? Or set up a general interdict on such defacement, with a retaliatory element? The implications of that would be staggering. Alternatively, he could just be keeping a special eye on that glaistig who has made it her life’s work to bug him. That’s rather that’s rather easier on the state of the universe. However, might he have noticed, then, that Lily just dropped off his screens? “Wasn’t Lily in Prester John’s just now? Why can’t I pick her up? Maybe Madam U’s done something to her this time. Something nice and extreme. Heh.”

There is good evidence that if they actually cared to, and could work together for an extended amount of time, the bugbears would rule the world.

Luckily they all know how much work it would be and realize that they’d rather be doing ANYTHING else.

Yyyyyep, Madam U’s set her up for a fantastic fall here. Putting money on her warning Alec in advance.

That said, the last panel is priceless. You can almost hear the swelling orchestra :P

Hey Kory Bing! Do you watch the TV show Grimm? Watching it makes me think about your comic, and reading your comic makes me think about the show (to an extent)!

Oh, my god. I want that last panel. Complete with text. It would hang on my wall for all to see for all eternity. And people would wonder why I had a glaistig in front if a british flag hanging on my wall but I would not care!! You should do it.

I’ll contribute when the hurricane threatening my area has passed.

In other news, have you sent out all of the borogrove packs? I could’ve sworn I ordered two sets from you.

Did you order via the kickstarter? If so, send me a message via Kickstarter so I can keep everything in one place and I can figure out what’s going on! : )

I see Alec and David and an unnamed satyr on the top half of the Boney Kings poster. Is David the drummer who “won’t stay human for more than two seconds”? Also, are Ike and Remy pictured on the bottom half of the poster, or are they in some other band?

Since the link for the old store is down, where can I find a larger image of that poster the goat-girl just defaced (I’m blanking on her name all of a sudden)? There’s some space on my wall I’ve been looking to fill…

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Anthony Gillis, Blanche Noir, Rupert Burton-Fitzgerald, Pheonix, and Royce Carmikal created by Sfé Monster.
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