Hello, Goodbye 20: Wingalings

For all of you asking if Royce has wings, well HERE’S YOUR ANSWER.


Awwh… Those three panels say so much, and with no dialogue whatsoever.

… And I just noticed the alt text. I facepalmed.

The naga (is that correct?) gal certainly has an advantage for seeing over crowds. Unless the cloud of Lorne’s gloom gets in her way.
And I still love it that Jim has a beak and teeth.

she’s either a naga, a yuan ti (if D&D monsters exist here) , or a gorgon, but judging on what I can see of her, she’s too pretty to be a gorgon, and there is not nearly enough panicking and turning to stone.

oooh sorry i just read in the wiki that she is a lamia, apparently they’re basically the same as what we were thinking, but just a different name

I thought the naga (both genders exist) are aquatic creatures, whereas the lamia are only female and land-locked?

You’re thinking of the nixie (female-only, I think) and nokk (similarly, male-only). I think naga and lamia are roughly interchangeable in the Skin Deep bestiary.

Having been lightly rebuked on the Twitters, I issue a correction: the snake-lady we see is a lamia. There have been no naga seen yet in Skin Deep.
Thank you for your time.

This comic is so epic!

NNNGH WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!?? I wish webcomics in general updated more frequently. I and everyone else. But, I suppose it’s good that you take your time and make it epic. Keep up the excellent work, Mrs. Bing!

Anyone else notice that Jack is staring at Royce’s butt in the first part of the first panel…? Or at least he seems to be…

I would say that at the moment Jack is on the left, Royce is already on the right, and when Jack tries to kick him, Royce is in the air, meanng the first image of Royce on the left happened before Jack was standing just there. Thus Jack is not staring at his butt, but at his eyes on the other side of this narrow space they are given to fight.

Dunno is that was clear.

Sure. Eyes on the target, baby!

By which I mean that Royce’s gluteus maximus was the nearest solid body part to Jack at that point. He might have gone for the tail grab, though – risky, but humiliating for the loser. Actually, we don’t know which way Jack swings – he could be AC/DC (and I’m not talking about the band).

Anyway, I knew Royce had wings – he looks rather impressive in fullform. I would question whether he should have exposed them, though. All that extra area to strike at, especially given the fact that Jack could just dragon punch him. Sure, Jack can do a dragon punch. In fact, I could just see him back when Street Fighter 2 was released:- “That ain’t a dragon punch, that’s a jackalope punch, and we don’t shout ‘sho-ry’u-ken’, it goes-” – cue ban from the local arcade.

Jacks fighting style to me looks somewhat capoeira-ish, mixed with his forms natural jumping and agility ability, but then with all their references to pop culture would not be out of character for them to add in video game moves like that. heh, I also would not be surprised if his final move involved jumping onto the back of the flying pigmy griffon :)

Oh, actually, here’s a question. How does Royce’s medallion stay attached to him in fullform seeing as his belt disappears with his human form?

I think that it disappears along with his clothes, but is not actually gone. Jim explained it in chapter IV of orientations how stuff doesn’t actually disappear, it just hides for a while.

in short: IDK, IT’S MAGIC

Do jackalopes have medallions, or is Jack just shapeshifting naturally? I don’t think I’ve seen one on him…
Also, this comic is AWESOME! That is all.

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