Hello Goodbye 25: Mixtapes

You might recognize that middle panel as the first panel from the very first page of Exchanges! LOOK WE’VE COME FULL CIRCLE. There are only two pages of Exchanges left!!! I’m excited and also scared!


The gift of Weird Al is a gift that shows you care in ways that cannot be explained.

(I legitimately went “awwww” on that, not gonna lie.)

I just said “Oh no!” when you said that there’s only 2 pages of Exchanges left! I love Exchanges! And it’s great to see Tony smiling.

Hey, at least we’ll be able to see Greg and the rest of the gang soon! I’ve been reading since early 2007 and I’m excited to see them again.

Two pages left!? But it’s only July @_@ I expected it to end in December like the last 2 chapters. Man this is overwhelming. So… Are we going back to Michelle and her gang after this chapter?

Weird Al, the gift that keeps on giving.
*googles aforementioned car*
Hahaha, it’s true, Royce DOES look like John Lennon’s car!

Anthony has a point. Characters that look like they just fell out the sixties must be great fun.

Only two more pages? Wow. I hope that in those two pages we’ll find out what the heck Anthony actually is, and that he stops freaking about everything. I also have a feeling that you won’t want to dump this massive cast of people after so long of making up stories for them all, so I reckon we’ll see at least some of them again now that you’re doing more with Michelle (Jim doesn’t count).

Even though I’m sad Exchanges is ending soon, I’m excited for the new storyline! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Kory, I think I should remark (before the end of this chapter) that since I started reading SD back in 2010, I have come to hold your work in very high esteem. This is really very well done.

Also, I don’t want to leave Liverpool.

I can no longer bare the thought of returning to Michelle’s world back in… the square states. It will be like leaving behind Oz in full technicolor to return to… Kansas.

I need to know how Tim’s cultural exchange nightclub thing unfolds. I need to know how long Anthony is going to be able to pull off not going home. Or to school. I need to know how Isaac’s meeting with Rohnda ends. I mean… Does she eat him? Because her smile is horrifying. I think it could go either way.

Please don’t keep us away long.

Sooo.. Since Isaac and David talked a bit about nonhuman musicians earlier, is Wierd Al also a mythological creature, and if so, what is he? I’m thinking something with at least a bit of fur, he does look kinda wooly.

I am excited about seeing Michelle and company again. It’s like a group of good friends returning from out of town. Kudos to on Exchanges – very enjoyable story line.

… Wow. What is this MYSTERIOUS artifact of power that says “weird al polka” on it? 8o Some sort of ancient iPod?

Looked up “John Lennon’s Car” to see what the hoopla was over the tats. Gotta say I think the paint job on the Rolls was pretty ugly, but his Mercedes I really like!

BUT – OMG a cassette tape? Really? I haven’t even seen those things in YEARS!

And alt-text. Ummm, where do you find that because I have never seen it, and feel I am missing something important.

Hover your mouse over the image of the comic page; a line of text will appear after a few seconds.

Thanks, just shows I am going too fast through these when reading, not letting the poor mouse rest anywhere. Now to go thru from page one again!

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