Hello Goodbye 9: Girlfriend Makes an Entrance

Leah you sure know how to make an entrance! You clean up nice when you’re not wearing paint-stained overalls, lady.

I don’t have a lot else to say! Enjoy the update!


Love the page title and Leahs hair!

I think it’s a wig, worn to match her schoolgirl-type costume. Back in her gallery, when she was listening to Lorne complaining about Jim, it wasn’t even shoulder-length.

I still thoroughly believe Leah is the most beautiful character ever. Also, Jim reminds me insanely of my boyfriend, who is 6’2, stick thin and build basically like Jim. They even move in the same way. IT’S WEIRD, KORY.

Tell Lorne you love him, Jim! GO TELL HIM! NAO!

And then kiss him.

I’m such a fangirl for this pairing. It’s insane!

While on one hand I would love for that to happen, I think my brain would explode from trying to figure out how to kiss someone with a beak.

Perhaps I should take Jim’s words to heart? Ta-da Magic!

A polite kiss can go onto the side of the beak or the cheek. They can return it with a beak nuzzle or even an affectionate nibble, like some tame birds do. Simple!

More intimate kisses, however, are anatomy-dependent and generally require practice (and logistics testing!) beforehand.

Hey now, my lovebird makes kiss-y face with me just fine, thank you! (She even pulls her head back and makes a ‘smooch’ noise…)

Ok, I’m totally starting to believe that werewolves and unicorns ARE real in the SDverse simply because Jim keeps using that saying only to be proven wrong.

Seems to be a recurring joke that the species that don’t exist or are extinct keep popping up pretty regularly. It’s The Gathering, all the magical creatures of the world get together and par-teh!

Wow. Where did Tim get that Leeds underground sign? An underground system was planned for the City of Leeds around WWII, but never built.

Jim: “I’m not ignoring him, I’m blanking the entire problem, including him. And it’s working! See? I can’t hear you la la la la la sing, sing a song, make it simple, to last your whole relationship crisis long…”

Fortunately, with his fingers in his ears like that, Leah will be well placed (and just the right height) to deliver a sucker punch of clue.

I find it ironic that Jim says that sasquatches arent real and then he goes and gets attacked by a creature very much resembaling a sasquatch(teh momo)

I had actually forgotten what Leah’s hair was supposed to look like (cause her last appearance in the comic was, like, a bajillion years ago) and I had to go look in the ‘Characters’ section to remind myself lolz I fail

prediction of text for next comic

Leah: He loves you, you fool, he’s upset your leaving, he feels you abandoning him.

Jim: Loves? But.. you and him.. Him and you…

Leah: Loves, not in love with, you’d see that if you didn’t have the emotional range of a teaspoon.


Leah:just tell him, call him once in while, sent him letters, whatever. No go, enjoy your party. (shoves Jim)

Jim:Alright! Alright! I’m going!

I think it’s going to be more along the lines of “Promise him you’ll come back” seeing as it was among the things Jim mumbled about after getting attacked by the Momo.

What? Noooo! I read through them all already? AUGH. Now I have to wait for conclusions like everyone else. =(

I love your comic! Your art has come such a long way, some of the leaps in quality and style are really amazing to see.

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