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Hello Goodbye 8: Yankees

Hello Goodbye 8: Yankees published on 33 Comments on Hello Goodbye 8: Yankees

Scene change scene change! Let’s take a look at some other characters for a bit!

Not a whole lot to say from this end! I’m just spending a lot of time amping up for Stumptown! I will have new charms and new medallions and books and LOTS OF AWESOME STUFF. I hope y’all can come on down and see me! It’s my first con selling all my stuff!

Also here is the first time David gets to speak. He’s been around in several previous pages, but I suppose this would be his GRAND DEBUT. He was originally created by Sheana Molloy!


“Oh? What about the rumours of the last sphinx being over there?”
“Lawd, David, now yer just being barmy. You seriously believe all that crap you read on the Internet?”

In other news, the idea of a drunk!Eleanor has worried me long before this…could be easy to be less careful with that fire of hers while tipsy, wouldn’t you think?

Well, that’s an enigmatic smile, and is that an enigmatic wink? We’re still not sure what Rhonda is thinking, though her lamia friend is still acting like it’s all a big joke. Ike doesn’t know what to think, and I’d say that his smile is more problematic. >:=)>

Meanwhile, over at the captain’s table, it looks like prejudice is alive and well. Now, is Lorne looking to get away from that, or is he looking to approach something? He did appear to be looking straight at Tony.

Lorne: Hi.

Ike: Hi, Lorne.

Lorne: …uh, I didn’t introduce myself earlier, I…

Ike: Oh, yeah, Tony, this is Lorne Lyon. Lorne, Tony, uh, Gillis.

Tony: So that’s “Lyon” as in-

Lorne: Cafes and tea shoppes, yes.

Yay! So just about to tie together full circle with the first chapter, awesome :)

heh, very funny to see Ike so uncomfortable. He didnt seem that way in company of friends, he must be very out of practice socializing with others and the awkwardness will hopefully come across more cute than anything else to the gaggle of girls holding his attention.

I love Lorne’s coat, wish I could get me one like it. Lastly, is it just me or did Jim seem to really brush off Lorne in that last box?

Just de-lurking here to say how much _I_ would love to meet a purty young lady who smokes a long-stem clay pipe…. seeing as how I’m smoking my briar-wood at this very moment with a lovely pear blend which my tobacconist swears is from Germany. Wondering what…Rhonda, is it? …what her preferred blend is.

Kory: long time, big fan here. Love your story-telling AND your fantastic artwork. And I’m overdue for giving you a ‘watch’ at DA (Tygker there, will be by to give you a wave presently…!)

I think Lorne is trying to prove that he can do things without Jim. He is pobably going to talk to Ike and mention something of that sort. You know, “See Ike, I can be out of Jim’s immediate presence and it doesn’t kill me.”

…ten seconds later…

“Oh! Jim looks like he needs something…See you later Ike and…uh…Mr. Harpy.”

Has anyone noticed that the silver lioness is a reoccurring character? She shows up three times that I know of. First when Blanche is showing Anthony into the avalon, she was stuck outside and couldn’t get in. Second is a little later, when she’s in midform in a crowd (You can tell because she has the same clothes), and her third appearance is now.

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