Homecoming 24

And that’s the end of Homecoming! I can’t believe it’s over already, dang!

I’m going to take a short break from the comic, not as long as my usual month breaks between stories, but two weeks at least because: I have Anime Expo this weekend, and the week after that my mom is visiting! So the comic will be back July 17th! Until then, why not reread the comic maybe?


You guys are really overlooking the most important part: SHORT BREAK WOO!

So, you actually approve of the break? This comic spends nearly as much time not in production as it does in production. It’s absurd.

I’m sorry you feel that way! This year has certainly been an unusual one in the comic’s five+ year history. This is my first full year of conventions, and also my first time taking on a huge project like Borogove. I would hope that my lovely readers would be forgiving of me as I adjust to this new learning curve, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve always been as open as possible with the fans regarding the state of the comic as to never leave them hanging without knowing when the comic will return.

I hope you enjoy the comic as it starts again tomorrow. :)

lol, love Merial’s face in the second panel! Halfway expecting her to break out in an epic “MWAHAHAHAHAHA!” :D

Oh, thst’s sweet and funny and Michelle is understandably annoyed!

Have a fun con, and can’t wait for the next story arc!


Merial, sweety…First your neck grew, then your face got more and more abstract, I think is the word I’m looking for…

You might want to get that checked out, sometime after you extricate yourself from Michelle’s claws.

Somehow I find that friends like Merial aren’t really the best sort of friends. Especially if you’re upset, tell them the truth and they just swear your lying because it’s not /interesting/ enough. It’s rather kind of cruel.

Michelle’s face, 2nd to last panel.
That is all(for now…)
You know? Merial’s face, second to last panel xD omg Jim and Merial are TERRIBLE!!! But in a good way :P This break is actually perfect ’cause I’m going on a camping trip so I won’t miss any updates, either! :D Can’t wait for the next comic!

I’m sure you get this question a lot but i was wondering what you use to draw your comics. I’m starting a web comic of my own and I want to get my favorite artists’ input. Thanks in advance love your work.

‘And then Greg and Michelle never told anything personal to Jim and Merial ever again’

(Alt txt^) Weeelll, I don’t blame them after THAT one…>_> lol

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