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Just found this site through “” that talked about you.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying this story. I like that the character is still in shock about what happened otherwise she would have realized that one side of her entire family is made of sphinxes instead of her being the only one.

As far as she knows, she’s the only one in hundreds of years who’s turned, and none have been born sphinxy. It’s not like she could use a slingshot to fling the medallion at members of each side of her family and see who turns- and for all she knows, she (or her mother, who looks like her) could have been adopted.

Also: Yay, The Whiteboard! My favourite Alaska-based anthropomorphic-nonhuman-mammal webcomic about paintball! (For that matter, my favourite webcomic about paintball!)

Also unless she can find a bunch of Sphinx medallions lying around somewhere, she won’t be able to turn any of them. One medallion per customer, and all that.

In addition, at least in her current state of mind I really doubt she’d want anyone else to experience this level of crazy wtfery.

…not to mention the spoilery stuff we later find out about her family /shrug.

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