Kill Them with Kindness 12: Sustenance

This is the second-to-last page of this storyline! GOLLY GOSH.

EDIT: I had to do some last-minute editing, and now THIS page is the last page of Kill Them with Kindness! Sorry for the switcheroo! But there will be something special for y’all to see on Tuesday, I promise! : )

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The look on Lee’s face in the second panel…I…o_0

Me, I like the way her claws popped out. What a cool tail she’s got! I think this is the first really good look we’ve gotten of it.

Are we not going to talk about the adorkable, absolutely SMITTEN look on Ike’s face? I don’t think we’ve seen him with a genuine smile that big before. Oh my gosh.

(That’s Rhonda’s claws, not Lee’s) :)

Oh, hey, her foot is on his knee. XD I like that Kory knows barefooters use their feet like a second set of hands and works it into the art. :3

I was under the impression that was just her pose, and it only looks like it’s on his knee… She does seem to be gesturing with her foot, though xD

I second that with Lee. I can’t stop noticing it. o-o

Yeah, his eyes got a little weird there, but I love that smile on his face. He’s going to enjoy watching someone rattle his mum this way.

It appears to me to be one of those ‘Trying hard not to burst out laughing, because it would ruin the moment.’ faces. He’s definitely enjoying the conversation and topic though. Figure it’s rare he gets to hear and/or say the things they are since he’s still under her wing and would have to put up with whatever hell she’d put him through as punishment. XD

Let’s leave the “shedding entire body parts” stuff off-panel. I eat donuts reading this strip sometimes! Does Ike keep the parts in a medicine cabinet like Seth Brundle?

I remember when movie werewolves stopped just growing hair and teeth like the Wolfman and started transforming by ripping bloodily out of their human skins. Bleh!

Ever see the 2010-ish remake of “Wolfman” with Benicio del Toro? The theatrical edition was kinda lame, but the director’s cut rounded out the film’s runtime with essential character moments and less censorship of the wolfy rampage sequences, and was thus a very good monster movie. I like how the filmmakers blended CGI with practical effects whenever they could. It made the film a lot more convincing and fun to watch. Also, Anthony Hopkins is awesome. Also, “American Werewolf in London” had an awesome transformation sequence; much slower and a little bit more personal than the transformation scene in “Wolfman”, though. Depends on whether you’re in the mood for straight-up gothic horror (“Wolfman”) or comedy-horror with a twist of gory wolf nomming (“AWiL”).

Let’s claim rule 34 from the those people. Let’s make rule 34 mean: if it exists, there is probably an aspect that you would rather not see.

We’re going to have a heap of outraged those people if we start posting Ike transformation sequences to their boards, but anything that they have leaked is justification enough.

I just love how she says that the hatred others feeds her with a glee that is both goodly satisfying and very terrifying . Somehow I’m having no trouble imagining these 2 with kids, lots and lots of kids with many of the same quirks Ike and Rhonda.

And, hopefully, the existence of a little bundle of silver fur calling her “Grandma” would get rid of whatever reservations Lynn might still have about Ike and Rhonda’s relationship by that point.

Cy looks sort of terrifying in the last panel. Also, it seems like it would be sort of uncomfortable to have your gills just flapping around, getting gross dirt particles and stuff stuck in them.

Whoa…Rhonda’s AWESOME!! A good, strong, quirky girl like Rhonda is exactly what Ike needs in his life.

I get the feeling Lee is gonna do exactly what Rhonda just did for the exact same reason.

Cyan, slow down. You’re gonna hurt your little cute self

I think the third panel will be one of the few times Ike doesn’t complain about being called “Petrus”.
I love Rhonda’s description of why they’re dating.

Yup, panel 3 is chock full of great… Ike’s cheesy grin and head tilt, Rhonda’s expression and pose, Petrus sneaking by without comment and a great description of how the bar scene was followed up by a woman who was not going to accept “No” without a very good reason… and No, Ike…”I’m just too miserable and grumpy!” wasn’t going to cut it for Rhonda.

“We’re dating because I put you in a headlock until you said ‘yes’.”

I knew it! >:=)>


Rhonda: Now who’s spoiling the mood? Go oooon, change back… let’s see that pelt come off again!

Ike: You are enjoying this way too much, and it’s creeping me out – especially you filming it…

Rhonda: Can’t a girl enjoy watching her crafting material being produced? One more pelt and I’ll be able to make a floor-length fur cape! Cruelty-free genuine fur, Ike! Of course I’m happy! And I’ll need the footage as proof of that for when I start selling it! I’ll be able to set up a shop here! We could call it… “The Clothes-Horse”! :=3

Ike: *rolls eyes* And she calls it cruelty-free… :=(

Has no-one noticed how derpy the kid (I can’t remember his name) looks in the second panel? It’s like he was so amused by Rhonda that he forgot how to keep his eyes co-ordinated. :P

I think the pupils are right, but the way the cheek is raised up to one eye makes them look a little off. Because of the iris being near the cheek…horizon. Yeah.

Hmm, I’m curious about the whole shedding body parts thing too. I don’t think I noticed anything weird when he was changing his hands back when we first saw him.

His hands were being kept in their mid form, Anima.
In Exchanges, Heartaches page 17 you see the tops of his hands. Skin, fingernails, and a small amount of webbing. Mid way on page 18, you see the underside of his hands. Paw pads, and claws, and the pink colouration is slowly moving to cover them. By the end of the page, the pink colouration has covered them, but not yet the fur.
So all that would likely drop off is fingernails.

What ever Kory has in store for us on Tuesday must be something big.
There’s not even a teaser for it on Patreon.

No no don’t get too excited hah hah. I’ve been swamped with work so there’s no preview on Patreon because there’s nothing to show yet! Sorry to get your hopes up! : )

Hey, I hate to be of any bother, but I think I got a defective medal…I didn’t turn when I got my maned gryphon medallion? Am I like Sam?! How do I fix this?!

Love that second panel; all their expressions, especially Rhonda’s claws coming out, and Mike’s amusement. That last panel with the youngest brother, he’s all fierce looking and fired up for toys lol

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