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Obverse & Reverse ch 1 Page 16

Obverse & Reverse ch 1 Page 16 published on 19 Comments on Obverse & Reverse ch 1 Page 16

That’s the end of chapter one! Wowzers! I will be skipping next week (April 23) and the next chapter will start on April 30th!

I’m currently running a sale on my store because I need to pay my taxes! All orders over $10 get a free MYSTERY BAG! What’s in the mystery bag? An 8.5×11 print, maybe some stickers, maybe some buttons, some charms, who knows! It’s a mystery!


It’s never good if you have to ask yourself that

heck, I ask myself that daily.

(yea though I hope she knows what she is doing)

I mean what’s the worst that can happen?

I can’t help but think that she needs bumblebee to play ” you’ve got the touch.” By Stan Bush. Anyway Mich here is a little advise for you ” he wear the flatterers of the world, for what may be music to the ears is poison to the soul.” Remember that as well as ” images can be changed, words can be false but this ( taps over her heart) this is always true” when you go to meet the father.

References from: The tapestry series by Brandon mull, and the secrets of the immortal Nicholas flamel by Michael Scott.

In my new #hc, there is Bloodcarver in sprite form, huffing and fistshaking any time one of the characters does relationshippy-gooey stuff onscreen. Also in #hc, Jim drives him to fits. Lee secretly terrifies him, and shames him all at once–because he both wants to date her, and run away. Also, she’s inferior because obv. not a dragon.

* runs away laughing maniacally * :D

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