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Well, I have to say that the octahedron is one of my favourite Platonic solids too. Much nicer than the square old cube and pointy tetrahedron, but still employing only 90° and 60° angles. One of the strongest structural forms, too. And while I do like dodecahedrons and icosahedrons, they do rely on a certain flashiness, the dodecahedron isn’t as strong, and who can really keep track of all those internal and external angles?

Greg: Okay… but what do you think of the angels in Neon Genesis Evangelion? You’ve never watched it…? And know next to nothing about it…? …Would you like to watch it? I have the whole thing back at my hotel room. Plus, I can give informative commentary where necessary… You would? <c-:< All right!! Would anyone else like to come along…? You would?! <c-x< *rubs hands with glee* Come on then! Time's a-wasting, and we've a lot of watching to get through!


i dont understand there are fans of neon genesis evangelion? but its shit like really really bad shit horrorable smelly shit i watched the first 17 episodes hoping it would get better or make some sense, ps it didnt. giant plot holes are not a mystery they are just plot holes

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