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Now I’m curious how hearing aids work for folks without external ears. Not to mention braces for teeth.

There are hearing aid styles that are wholly in-canal.

They’re not that cheap, have to be custom crafted to fit the individual canal and their audio quality isn’t as good as over-the-ear. There are also other issues (like making sure they stay in the canal, and battery changing’s a pain)…

I’m glad someone invented glasses for those with high or no ears. Bc my fursona would be upsetti spaghetti. She’s got slightly blurry vision, like me!
Btw a message for the creator(s) of Skin Deep, I have enjoyed your comic! I can’t wait for the next chapter to come out. (First time commenting on your work, but I have figured out why you’ve been too busy to continue. Life sucks.)
Xoxo! And how do reader questions work? Do you ask them in the comments?

I have to say, as someone who actually wears pince nez, I have no idea how they went out of fashion. They’re comfortable and awesome. I had my computer prescription fitted to a vintage fingerset, and it was one of the smartest things I ever did.

I insist on large glasses (for that peripheral vision in street traffic, also, occasionally jerking my head around as I notice another vehicle a bit late), used to be close-ish to the limit where the optometrist has to sell you lenses made of special “high optical density” glass so as not to end up making a glass brick for your face, and have minor breathing issues thanks to a not-entirely-straight septum. I’m afraid that you’ll have to try harder to convince me. :-3

(Also, when I ride a bicycle, that small rear-view mirror that clamps onto the temple arm is pretty darn handy, too …)

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