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Greetings From Dogpatch 24: Cast Down

Greetings From Dogpatch 24: Cast Down published on 26 Comments on Greetings From Dogpatch 24: Cast Down

There is a SLIGHT CHANCE that Skin Deep’s updates might be a little shaky for the next couple weeks! I’m going to do everything in my power to get updates up on time, but I have a huge freelance deadline next week, Sfé Monster is coming to visit for Stumptown, and then Stumptown Comics Fest! There’s lots happening!! I will try my very very best to get comics up on time, but if I don’t, you know why!

Speaking of Stumptown, I’m up for TWO Stumptown Comics Awards! Best Colorist and Best New Talent! Golly!! I’ve never been nominated for an award before!! Anybody can vote, so if you’d like to vote for Skin Deep, click here!


Voted on both (good luck!!)
I was suspecting this would happen – Damien sent back to Dis without telling Gabe who sold Michelle’s soul.

Now Gabe has 2 reasons to be that angry – not getting the info and getting spit by a demon *yuck*

I guess that means no more poker, huh?

Nah, eternity is a long time. I’m willing to bet this isn’t the first such encounter they have had and it won’t be the last. Poker is probably the only way the demons can actually best Gabe at times, and it gives Gabe a way of, well, making sure certain tools are removed from the wrong hands. They will play again.

Wow, angels are sure stupid aren’t they?

You would think a being that is probably ages old would know the standard “I make you kill me/cast me back to hell by making you mad and doing something rash” ploy bad guys use.

“And I hope that hurt. A lot.”

And there we have it: Gabe’s pole arm was only lodging in the demon, not affecting mortal flesh or tee-shirts. It did leave those glowing tracks in the tree, but they’re probably just demon essence or exorcismic feedback or something, and will dissipate in time.

Anyway, it looks like Gabe’s heading off now, in a purposeful and pissed-off manner. Methinks it would be an idea for the rest of the Grims to return to Dis for an extended staycation. >:=)>

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