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Well, I can only say…..

*puts on sunglasses*

…..that *bites*.

They better hope Gabe comes back because otherwise, they’re left to Myra’s mercy.

Only Myra and Marshall in the place.. if Myra get possessed.. forbid the tought!

The hellmouth lives! It retroflexes! (It has limited freedom of movement!) It bites! It swallows? It tries to digest? It might be looking at a case of gastrocelestialitis, here, or at least angelic reflux…

Hellmouth: *urk* *huulk* *BLOOOAAAGH*

Damien: AAAAAAAA!!!!*choke* *gurgle*

Gabe (emerging on surfboard): (whistles theme tune to Hawaii Five-O)


Major intruder alarm in hell in three … two … one …

… no, wait … that’s the Not Much Sink’s evacuation alert. Myra seems to have pushed a couple buttons there. :-P

Methinks the Grimms have seen a hellmouth bite the dust before …

Hmm, an angel in hell, demons on the material plane. And I think the gateway just died. This bodes well for no one but the Grimms.

This makes me think of “Men in Black”. Will Gabe explode the Hellmouth from the inside?

(And is someone going to get nit-picky about my phraseology there? I hope not.)

Lastly, is the Hellmouth’s bark worse than it’s bite? (I doubt it.)

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