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Greetings from Dogpatch 43: Uhhh

Greetings from Dogpatch 43: Uhhh published on 28 Comments on Greetings from Dogpatch 43: Uhhh

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Gabe is officially my favorite character after Ike.

I love Myra’s stunned expression.

Last week made me think of Men in Black . . . this week reinforces it: get swallowed (more or less) by large nasty creature, and use weapon to escape.

And TWO of the crows talked. Talk about split personalities. :)

Very interesting Marshall’s ability, looks like he don’t summon an unkindness, he actually becomes it.

And huh – he’s a raven – he dislike being called a crow :3

Hmmm yes. I can see Gabe emerging, blazing with wrath, and declaring in an awesome and terrible voice: I SHALL REND AND PURGE ALL OF THEE FROM THIS PLACE!

Damien: Bring it! *ow – get off, crow boy*

Mikhail: Mommy! (scrambles back into Myra’s embrace) I’ll be a good boy now! *whimper* Please?

Frame 2 – chuckling happily to myself….. Marshall as Raven 2 and Raven 4 “Uhhh…” “Gabe??” made me think of “I’m in two minds about this…..” and the kicker was the “SQUIRM” effect…. just made me a bit happier today… :-)

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